Natacha’s Project Idea

I  am interested in providing  French Language lovers of all levels in general and my students, in particular, a consistent and well-sustained Language and literature Website and app in which they could find appropriate material to broaden their horizons. More specifically, my aim is to bring my undergraduate students from various disciplines- that still take French language core courses just as university requirements- close to other aspects of French /francophone culture and civilization that are not listed in the course outline imposed by the curriculum to non-tenure-track faculties like me.

The postulate which underpins the idea of creating other website and app to the numerous existing ones lays on the discovery that too many of them are a little bit just a repetition of the topics covered in the curriculum. I want something that would take into consideration the website’s visitor or app’s purchaser’s need of evasion from standardized topic and issues so frequent in various language websites.

However, I am still in the domain of ideas and I have never built an independent website or app – I don’t consider the site I created last Fall in Cuny Academic Commons as neither an independent nor a well-constructed site:  Thus, I  need to acquire in this course technical skills to built both a challenging  French-language website and an app.

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