Preliminary Project Brief

In no more than one thousand words, write a blog post (if public) or upload a PDF to our private group that does the following:

  • describes the problem that you wish to address with your ITP project
  • addresses at least 3 of the 5 Ws and H in Chris Stein’s Contexts and Practicalities
  • identifies one audience that your project is targeting and states how a member of the audience would engage with your project
  • presents a model for your project (first step in a broader environmental scan), describing how yours is different
  • states what skills you have that will enable you to do your project as well as what skills you need to develop

Due date/time: Saturday, February 17 by midnight

Be prepared to present your project in a 3 minute elevator pitch when we meet on February 20.

Author: Maura A. Smale

Maura Smale is Chief Librarian at the CUNY Graduate Center.

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