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My project idea is still rather foggy , but I know I would like to focus on gaming/game design and how it might be applied to the classroom.  Thinking about this practically, there are a few initial hurdles I’d need to figure out: when using videogames in class, should the class 1) make their own game, 2) play an existing commercial title, or 3) play one that I design myself? I am thinking that, for my project at least, I would like to design my own; I would like it to be a game that could be used in multiple subjects and disciplines, and that attempts to set up a good balance between playing and learning.

I’m not sure exactly which software I’d use at this point; that’ll probably depend heavily on just what type of game it is.  At this point I’m thinking I will more than likely use Unity or GameMaker Studio, as I have experience working with and coding for both of these programs. I am envisioning the project as a 16 bit 2D game, and there are a few drawing/animating programs I am already comfortable with for spriting 2D characters and backgrounds: GraphicsGale, PyxelEdit, and SpriterPro.

All in all, I am most concerned about making this project manageable for myself in the short time allotted, and to check my tendency to get overly ambitious. Considering that I’ve found drawing the artwork for videogames to be the most time-consuming aspect of their design, I am thinking I might (at first at least) keep the graphics fairly primitive and just work on setting up the core gameplay/story. Hopefully, throughout the semester, I’ll learn other strategies I might take to make this project feasible as well.

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  1. Thanks for this, Zach. We appreciate your desire to dig into GameMaker Studio and see what you can come up, but are concerned about the potential scope of this project. We also think that your project needs a stronger and firmer “why” statement that goes beyond your curiosity about what’s possible. Working to identify a pedagogical problem or a challenge and thinking through how building a game might allow you to examine it in a unique way will be valuable going forward.

    – Luke and Maura

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