Links from sites discussed in class tonight

During our discussion of game-based learning, some of you mentioned Kahoot, a quiz app used in K-12 and beyond.

We talked a bit about creating game guides or walkthroughs and the collaboration and writing required, which led us to this guide created by students at the University of Michigan: Being Not-Rich at UM (and some context on this guide from Inside Higher Ed).

We also played around with Google’s Be Internet Awesome initiative and games (maybe a little bit Black Mirror-y?).

A fantastic and informative piece of scholarship that helped the creator get tenure at Bucknell University: A Fair(y) Use Tale

If you’re interested in the Library Association of CUNY event The Labor of Open on 5/4, with a talk by Audrey Watters, more info is here.

Author: Maura A. Smale

Maura Smale is Chief Librarian at the CUNY Graduate Center.

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