Project Idea Jing Zhao

My project idea is based on my data project of Digital Praxis 1. Because we will work on group projects in Digital Praxis 2, I need to discontinue my project for digital praxis 1. So I think maybe I could continue with that project in ITP Core 2. The project is a text analysis of all the issues of an academic journal titled Language Teaching and Technology. My goal for this project is to find out how technology is used in second language classrooms. I have done some preliminary work for this project. I used voyant tools to analyze a txt file that contains the issues of this journal published in the recent four years (this journal has been published since 10 years ago and I converted all the pdf files of the issues of this journal into a text file but somehow voyant tools could not analyze it. Therefore I used the issues of 4 years of this journal as a sample for analysis). I obtained a list of word frequencies of the text file, and then picked out the words that denote a certain technology, for example, wiki. I then had a list of frequencies of all the technology words ┬áin this txt file. I put all the words on this list into different categories and ranked their frequencies. My next step is to study a certain technology and see how it is used in second language classrooms. For example, I found that wiki is the most frequent word on the list, so I think I can study how it is used through text analysis of the academic papers that have the word “wiki”. However, I don’t really know how to study the use of a technology through text analysis.

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