Jing Zhao Bio

Hi I am Jing Zhao, a MALS student. My track is digital humanities. This is my second semester in this program. I am a Chinese language teacher at Hunter College and a freelance Chinese-English translator/interpreter. I studied teaching Chinese as a second language and Chinese linguistics back in China. I came to New York in 2013 after teaching Chinese for a very short period of time in South Carolina. I studied at City College and got my master’s degree in the Study of the Americas and when I graduated, I came to NYU and studied Chinese-English translation. I love sleeping when I am not studying or working. My dream is to get my PhD and teach Chinese at higher education instituions like Hunter. I also hope that I can be happier and more relaxed while living a hectic life because I had been suffering from anxiety issues for a long time. I hope some day I can find the perfect balance ¬†between life and work.

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