Filipa Calado

Hello! I’m Filipa, a PhD student in the English program here at the Graduate Center. I work in the fields of British Modernism and Digital/Visual Studies. My interests in these fields range widely, but I’m mostly concerned with questions about materiality, embodiment, and form between different media (especially digital versus print media) and how that may have a bearing on queer representation, presence, and erasure. Besides high modernist literature written by women or queer authors (particularly Virginia Woolf, Djuna Barnes, Gertrude Stein, and Oscar Wilde), you can find me reading comic books (especially Batman!) and science fiction novels (the latest being “Galatea 2.2”, which I highly recommend).

When I’m not doing academic work, I enjoy exercising, sleeping, meditating, or trying new kinds of beer. Since a foot injury put me on a looong break from running last semester, I have been really into swimming, and I find it to be an unexpected blend of calming and invigorating activity. Exercise is absolutely crucial for maintaining work/life balance in graduate school, and I will often schedule my days around it, making it an absolute priority. Finally, when I have extra extra time, I also like to see galleries and museums, and just spend some hours looking at pretty pictures.

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