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It’s such a pleasure to get to know you a little through these bios, even after a whole semester together in the fall!

I am a zine librarian, maker of zines, feminist zine fest organizer, and working on a zine library project for this class. When I’m not zining libraries or librarianing zines, I’m probably stuck on the Manhattan Bridge on a Q train reading a library book, texting my library school BFF who recently published a book about a girl who makes zines, and wishing I was home with my cats Farfel and Bad Bad Leroy Brown, who sometimes help with my zines.

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  1. Likewise, Jenna, pleasure to come to know you, too (and it was fun doing the ipad math video game together in Core 1). I just love the photos of your cat helping you with your zines–what a great name–love that 70’s song. I’ve also enjoyed sharing my projects with some very lovable, “helpful”, and hilarious kitties (I’m currently sans the company of felines.) Have you ever come across a zine about the Renaissance? I’m curious to know and if yes, I’d love to see it.

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