Lauren’s Bio

Hello! I’m a librarian and the Associate Director of the McEntegart Hall Library at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, NY.  A lot of my day is spent working on administrative responsibilities and the less glamorous side of making a small college library run smoothly, but I enjoy all aspects of the work.  I love working with students and enjoy learning new thing from them and the work they’re doing!

Currently, I’m pursuing a MALS in Digital Humanities which has provided me with many opportunities to rethink how an academic library contributes to the college community.  This class is my 4th in two years.  It’s been difficult finding that perfect balance of work, school, and life, but I’m looking forward to continuing the work I started in DH Praxis last spring (more on that in the project proposal).  I also look forward to working with everyone this semester on their projects and learning about new technological tools to be used in the classroom.

Thanks for reading and see you on Monday afternoon.

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