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Hello all, I’m Zach. I am a PhD student in Comparative Literature here at the GC, and an adjunct instructor in the English dept. at Brooklyn College.  I grew up in a small town in Nebraska, working, for most of my young life, as a detasseler and machine/tractor operator in corn and bean fields (a rather arduous and unforgiving occupation if there ever was one).  I also did my undergrad studies at a small liberal arts school there, graduating with a major in Philosophy and minors in Computer Science and Studio Art. I came to NYC to do an MA in Philosophy at The New School for Social Research, and matriculated into the CUNY system shortly thereafter.

I will confess that I never imagined I would become a teacher. Both my father and my grandfather are/were English and Irish literature professors, and in my youthful rebellion I had originally vowed to strike out on a different path (probably involving some sort of work in graphic design). Yet here I am, teaching, and teaching in an English department no less.  A funny thing, life.  And when it comes down to it, I find it to be incredibly engaging and rewarding work, and can’t really imagine myself doing anything else.  The apple never falls far from the tree, as the old saying goes.

The ITP program has so far been one of my favorite aspects of academic life here at the GC, and I am very much looking forward to another semester with you all.

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